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General Manager


Why Sara loves soccer:

Some of my best childhood memories were spent at a soccer field. Looking back I have no memories of the wins or losses. I remember my coaches, the people that created a sense of community for each of the teams I was part of. Playing soccer continues to be a large part of my life, it helps me stay active and I'm always meeting new people!

Sara Orrell
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Program Manager


Why Barb loves soccer:

Love the spring time air and the startup of the season when the players paint the fields of green with the colours of their jerseys and the sound of laughter and cheering amongst the teams.

Barb Mayes
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Office Administrator


Why Julia loves soccer:

Soccer gives people so many awesome opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. This sport has always been a huge part of my life, and I love that there's something in it for everyone at any stage in their life.

Julia Woodcock
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Program Assistant


Why AC loves soccer?

I love the life skills anyone can gain if they have the right attitude: confidence, perseverance, team work, and discipline!


AC Lang
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Soccer Operations


Program Advisors


Why Keith loves soccer?

I love soccer for the fun it always brings, the joy and pleasure this amazing game always seems to supply. And finally the friendships you make

Keith Mason
University of Guelph Men’s Varsity Soccer Coach


Why Shayne loves soccer?

It's my most authentic place to be; on the pitch. I really enjoy being a part of the process of helping players and coaches improve their ability on the field and fostering community off of the field. It is challenging and rewarding all at once.

Shayne Campbell
University of Guelph Women’s Varsity Soccer Coach

Technical manager


Why Justin loves Soccer?

I love the game because it allows for me to be my true self. I have always had a smile on my face playing the game and it is this enthusiasm and passion for the game that I want to pass on to the next generation of young footballers.

Justin Springer
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Soccer For Life Manager


Why Mitch loves Soccer?

Because not one game is the same.

Mitchell Apollon
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Club Head Referee

Sean Simpson