Club Discipline

No player or coach should serve any penalty until the Discipline Committee has rendered a decision; only the Committee can determine the extent of a penalty.

What happens when a player or coach is dismissed from the field?

The Game official fills in a report that is forwarded to the Discipline Committee. In most instances the misconduct can be dealt with using the Discipline by Review (DBR) system with the panel relying on the game officials report. A decision is reached and the player/coach is notified, by email, of the penalty.

Requesting a Hearing

Anyone can request a hearing but it must be submitted within 3 days of receiving the dismissal or the DBR system will be used. The request must be in writing, either sent to the club, faxed to the office or emailed to There is a $50 fee to request a hearing. If the accused is found not guilty, the fee will be returned.

What is Discipline by Review? (DBR)

Many discipline matters are dealt with by DBR because they are standard or mandated penalties. The Discipline Committee receives the referee report and reviews it. (The DBR system doesn’t require the attendance of the parties involved). The Discipline Committee uses Ontario Soccer guidelines to determine the penalty. The committee notifies the accused, by email, of the penalty to be served. There are NO APPEALS of DBR decisions.

What is Discipline by Hearing? (DBH)

Some discipline matters must be dealt with by Discipline By Hearing, as per Ontario Soccer rules. DBH requires the attendance of the parties involved at a hearing. Notification of the hearing is given to the parties via email. The accused may be accompanied by an advisor. (If the accused is under 18 years of age, they MUST be accompanied by an adult). The decision will be emailed to the accused within 4 days of the hearing. DBH decisions can be appealed to the district (SWRSA). How can I get more information about the discipline procedures? Information is posted on the SWRSA website under the DISCIPLINE tab. You can also email

Current Suspended Players & Officials

2019 Men’s Tuesday Outdoor

Sorin Sirbu - 1.13 suspended for June 25th Game Silvercreek Athletic

Jessy Jenkins - 1.3 suspended for August 20 Game Hüper Optik

Peter Soli - 1.14 suspended for August 20 & August 27 Game - Silvercreek Athletic

2019 Youth House League

Adnan Refaeh - 1.13 suspended for Jul 30th Game
Boys U18 HL – Team 4 Light Grey

Fletcher Seaman - 1.13 suspended for June 24th Game Boys U13 HL - Team 1 Navy