2019 Team Officials

Below is a list of team officials for our grassroots & competitive soccer teams in the 2019 season.

Jr. Gryphons Grassroots Coaches

Under-8 BOYS (2011)

To Be Determined

Under-8 GIRLS (2011)

To Be Determined

UNDER-9 BOYS (2010)

Group Coaches: Michael MacKinnon, Richard Grzesik, Gurpreet Sandhu

Under-9 GIRLS (2010)

Group Coach: Kourtney Marzo

Under-10 BOYS (2009)

Group Coaches: Adam Minnion, Tony Fernandes

Under-10 GIRLS (2009)

Group Coach: Daniel De Maria

Under-11 Boys (2008)

Group Coaches: Graham Hughes, Amber Williams, Rene Kirkegaard

Under-11 GIRLS (2008)

Group Coaches: Gurpreet Sandhu, Richi Furmah


Under-12 Boys (2007)

Group Coach: John Zettel

Under-12 Girls (2007)

Group Coaches: David Wright, Jason Shutsa


Jr. Gryphons Competitive Coaches

Under-13 BOYS (2006)

Red Team Head Coach: Miki Mihajlovic / Paul Matsumoto

Black Team Head Coach: Rob Jarvis

Under-13 Girls (2006)

Head Coach: Katie Casucci

Under-14 Boys (2005)

Head Coach: Demos Leonardos

Under-14 Girls (2005)

Head Coach: Sean Cameron

Under-15 Boys (2004)

Head Coache: Gino Tarantino

Under-15 Girls (2004)

Head Coach: Ralph Poliseno

Under-16 Boys (2003)

Head Coach: Ben Panariti

Under-16 Girls (2003)

Head Coach: Jeff Sands

Under-17 Boys (2002)

Head Coach: Chad Campbell

Under-17 Girls (2002)

Head Coach: Rich Reynolds

Under-18 Boys (2001)

Head Coach: Kerry Piccolotto

Under-18 Girls (2001)

Head Coach: Steve Gemin

Gryphons FC Competitive Coaches

Under-21 MEN (1998- 2000)

Provincial Head Coach: Hani Atiyeh

Under-21 WOMEN (1998- 2000)

Provincial Elite Head Coach: Onkar Dhillon

Provincial Head Coach: Paul Zonneveld


Provincial Head Coach: Vince Pugliese
District Premier Head Coach: Vince Pugliese


Provincial Elite Head Coach: Shayne Campbell
Provincial Head Coach: Brendon Carson