2019-20 Rep Team Coaches

** Pending club approval, Assistant Coaches and Managers will be announced after Trials/Development Sessions by the teams Head Coach **.

Jr. Gryphons Grassroots Coaches

Under-8 BOYS (2012)


Under-8 GIRLS (2012)


UNDER-9 BOYS (2011)

Age Group Lead: Erik Martensson

Group Coaches:

Chad Millen

Domingo Perez Bernal

Ryan Moison

Under-9 GIRLS (2011)

Age Group Lead: Chase Pellizzari

Group Coaches:

Joe Varamo

Ashleigh Manes

Under-10 BOYS (2010)

Age Group Lead: Richard Grzesik

Group Coaches:

Mike MacKinnon

Conor Brogan

Gurpreet Sandhu

Under-10 GIRLS (2010)

Age Group Lead: Kourtney Bourghese

Group Coaches:

Manny Jiminez

Under-11 Boys (2009)

Age Group Lead: Adam Minnion

Group Coaches:

Scott North

Dan Bihari

Mike Burton

Under-11 GIRLS (2009)

Age Group Lead: Dan De Maria

Group Coaches:

Ian Clancy

Adam Pellizzari

Cassie Burr

Greg Thompson

Dennis Baccin


Under-12 Boys (2008)

Age Group Lead: Amber Williams

Group Coaches:

Graham Hughes

Rene Kirkegaard

Under-12 Girls (2008)

Age Group Lead: Gurpreet Sandhu

Group Coaches:

Richi Furmah

Mark Attridge


Jr. Gryphons Competitive Coaches

Under-13 BOYS (2007)

WRSL Head Coach: John Zettel

SWDSL Head Coach: TBD

Under-13 Girls (2007)

WRSL Head Coach: Mike Fox

SWDSL Head Coach: Jason Shutsa

Under-14 Boys (2006)

WRSL Head Coach: Paul Matsumoto

SWDSL Head Coach - TBD

Under-14 Girls (2006)

WRSL Head Coach: Andrew Goody

Under-15 Boys (2005)

WRSL Head Coach: Matthew McLachlan

Under-15 Girls (2005)

SWDSL Head Coach: Sean Cameron

Under-16 Boys (2004)

SWDSL Head Coach: TBD

Under-16 Girls (2004)

WRSL Head Coach: Steve Gemin

Under-17 Boys (2003)

SWDSL Head Coach: Mickael Rougette

Under-17 Girls (2003)

WRSL Head Coach: Jeff Sands

Under-18 Boys (2002)

WRSL Head Coach: TBD

Under-18 Girls (2002)

WRSL Head Coach: Keith Mason

Gryphons FC Competitive Coaches

Under-21 MEN (1999- 2001)

Provincial Head Coach: TBD

Under-21 WOMEN (1999- 2001)

Provincial Head Coach: TBD


Provincial Contact: Vince Pugliese
District Premier Contact: Vince Pugliese


Provincial Elite Head Coach: Shayne Campbell
Provincial Head Coach: TBD