Guelph Soccer Pooling System FAQ


What is the pooling system?

The pooling system is a principle Guelph Soccer uses to create inclusive environments, inclusive programming, and group/pod/”pooled” training methods within our player development matrix.  We use the pooling system within game play, and training environments for all of our grassroots programs.  We use such methods in order to condition and develop all of our players within the same environment, the same instruction, the same game model, and the same principal based learning so the entire age group can learn all of these characteristics together among the respective age groups.


How does Guelph Soccer use the “pooling system” in training environments?

Guelph Soccer uses the “pooling system” in training environments by using random selection to create pod training environments.  All of the instruction communicated by either the age group head coach or technical staff conducting the session will be demonstrated to the age group as a whole, but they will then work in smaller small sided numbers to put these sessions into practice.  These pod training groups can be selected by; completely randomized, alphabetical name (first or last), by birth month, by colour of shoes, by rank, by team (if any have been created), by number, by position, or any other facet GS deems necessary for group selection.           


How does Guelph Soccer use the “pooling system” for game environments?

Guelph Soccer structures our teams to allow for the pooling system while signing roster players as well.  These signings will allow for continuity among the teams, but will also place our players in environments that are best suited towards their individual skill set.  There will however be pooled players among each team that will rotate themselves into the game day roster both on the development and on the target side of competitions.  This will allow the players that are performing well within other team environments a competition or opportunity within elevated environments, and vise versa, this structure will also allow for players struggling at the top environments, the opportunity to drop down to better develop their skills and confidence.      

What if my child is not selected for the Hershey program, will they still be “pooled”?

Guelph Soccer will still use the pooling system for teams selected to enter into the Hershey program AND for teams that are competing in other avenues.  For those teams competing in other competitions, you will also be pooling players into rosters and allow for fluid movement among different rosters to better reflect the theme of play for the festival.  By allowing each team to focus on a theme/principle of play per festival, will allow for proper development within game environments.     

 Pooling System Flow Chart

The following diagram represents how Guelph Soccer will use the pooling system within our roster selection process.  Each roster will consist of “core players” who exemplify the expected traits of players within each respective environment.  There will also be a mix of players who can either progress into either environment based on their individual traits and development.   

pooling 1.png

The following diagram represents how Guelph Soccer will be using the pooling system within our individual programs.  This system will maximize time on task and time on the ball but will also allow players to compete among their peers and within differing environments.  Some days will be completely random in terms of which training area they will be in, some weeks will be with the roster selections, and other weeks will be completely random to ensure the groups are constantly differing in this pod training method. To properly ensure such a structure takes place, the field will be structured into different quadrants where our players will compete and train within each section on the given training time.    

pooling 2.png


Pathway Of Play 

The Guelph Soccer technical staff will seek out to our best ability that we will find the appropriate avenue of play and recommend our members towards the pathway of play that best suites their current developmental state.  We will put members into the appropriate pathway which best reflects their current development, which will also allow for each player to perform within a certain environment best suited towards personal growth within the game.  Within each environment there will be other players who are among the same level of skill, physicality, fitness, and game understanding.  Thus, these environments will ultimately best reflect and tailor each individual player to learn within the proper training capacity, and among their peers who share the same characteristics. 

If a player is not selected to the competitive program or “rep program” the technical staff will recommend for these players to join Guelph Soccer’s House League recreational program and other developmental programs such as the Junior Gryphons Soccer School to further develop their skills in hopes to return to the competitive stream when able and comfortable.