Annual General Meeting

January 7, 2019

Dear Guelph Soccer Member:

Annual General Meeting

Monday, January 28, 2019

7:00 PM

The Annual General Meeting of Members of Guelph Soccer Incorporated will be held at the University of Guelph, W.F. Mitchell Athletic Centre, Room 241, on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 7:00 pm. All members are invited to attend the meeting, although only voting members have voting rights.

Enclosed please find the following:

1.               Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Members; and,

2.               The proposed agenda for the Annual General Meeting.

3. Proxy Policy

4. Proxy Form

Nominations for Directors will be forthcoming, and the Auditor’s Report and Audited Financial Statements for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2018 are available from Guelph Soccer for any member upon request. It is our intent to provide all members with copies of these documents as well as a finalized Annual General Meeting information package no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting for their review. This package will also include a copy of the Club’s Proxy Form for the upcoming Annual General Meeting, which can be completed and returned to the Club if you are unable to attend the Meeting. Proxy forms must be signed on all pages by the voting member and must be submitted to the registered office of the Club at least two (2) business days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Please be reminded that a quorum at any meeting of the voting members shall consist of a minimum of two-fifths of the total number of sitting Directors (currently 9) plus ten (10) other Voting Members and/or proxies representing the vote of a Voting Member. Accordingly, please make every effort to attend this meeting.

Yours truly,


Board of Directors

Sara Orrell