Announcement - University of Guelph Partnership

Dear Guelph Soccer Volunteers, 

I’m very pleased to announce that the partnership between Guelph Soccer and the Guelph Gryphons soccer program is now finalized.  The process of designing our partnership has been in the works for some time and I’m glad that we’re now able to share some details as the contract is in place and the partnership is in full swing.

We look forward to new experiences, new growth and a stronger commitment to coach training, player development and parent education. 

We'd like to introduce you to our Technical Team at Guelph Soccer. 

Shayne Campbell & Keith Mason: Program Advisors 

Shayne Campbell is the Head Coach of the Guelph Gryphon’s Women’s Varsity Soccer Team and Keith Mason is the Head Coach of the Guelph Gryphon’s Men’s Varsity Soccer team. Their combined experience both on and off the field is incredibly valuable to our program and we feel very fortunate to have their knowledge, support and expertise partnered with Guelph Soccer. 

Program Advisors are responsible for the strategic technical direction at Guelph Soccer. They will advise the Club’s technical direction along with ensuring that coach and player development is in alignment with Ontario Soccer Long Term Player Development (LTPD). Keith and Shayne are pleased to be a resource to all Guelph Soccer coaches. Due to their other full time commitments, they will be supporting Guelph Soccer in a part time capacity. 

Justin Springer: Technical Manager 

Justin is the first point of contact for our Coaches. He works directly with the Program Advisors to implement the strategic technical direction of our Club. He is responsible for improving players at the beginning stages of the LTPD and organizes and facilitates opportunities for player growth in the pathway. Justin also organizes and leads the Club's Ambassador program (U4-U6). Justin is also an assistant coach with the University of Guelph Men’s Varsity Soccer Team. 

Mitchell Apollon: Soccer For Life Manager 

Mitchell is our Soccer For Life Manager. His role is part time with Guelph Soccer. He is responsible for facilitating a fun and exciting atmosphere for players in our Club. He works with coaches and teams to help deliver club curriculum. His focus is on the Learn to Train and Soccer For Life stages in our LTPD pathway. He organizes and facilitates opportunities for player growth in the pathway and will mentor coaches by assisting at games and training sessions. 

Not to be missed from our technical team are the assistant coaches from both the men’s and women’s varsity teams at UofG. We are lucky to have them play a supportive role with our programs.  

As you can see, we have good reason to be very proud of this new partnership with the Guelph Gryphons. The future at Guelph Soccer is bright.

Warm regards,

Sara Orrell
General Manager, Guelph Soccer

Brendon Carson