Get Your CUSTOM Guelph Gryphons Adidas Shoes!

Get your CUSTOM Guelph Gryphons Adidas shoes! Please visit the link and details below for more information.

Frequently asked questions; 

Why Oct 21 Cutoff? – We need 50 days to get these made and want to make sure we deliver for XMAS.

What’s the price? – As per on the link, the price is $87.50+ tax, which comes out to $98.88. This price includes shipping to the home address of the person who purchased them.

Is there minimums? No, each individual can go and place an order for 1 shoe.

Is there Men’s and Women’s Sizing? Yes, the same two designs for both Mens and Women.

How do they Fit? They are a “True” adidas fit. So if anyone has adidas, they will know there size.

Are there returns? No, this is a custom shoe, no returns, and that is called out in the link.

Sara Orrell