Competitive Soccer

Guelph Soccer - home of the jr. gryphons.

Guelph Soccer is home to the Jr. Gryphons - a player-centred soccer development model that is among the best in the province. Our programs are designed for any player wishing to play in a more challenging & competitive environment. Players from Under-8 through adulthood are provided an opportunity to advance their technical skills, game knowledge, and physical fitness / literacy with the guidance of our experience and educated technical team.

Using the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model, players will participate in advanced structured training with increased frequency in comparison to the recreational level.  Emphasis on positional play and game understanding, as well as physical performance and technical ability are the main focus of the competitive program.  Our goal is to advance our players to compete at the highest level. 

Want to become a Jr. Gryphon? Our Rep Identification Days are coming up, which you'll need to attend - click here for information.